Clinton out soon, Obama will win presidency

by thoughtfulconservative

First the news everyone knows by now, via JS Online

Obama has 1,840.5 delegates to 1,688 for Clinton in The Associated Press tally. It takes 2,025 delegates to win the nomination in Denver this summer.

Clinton vows to remain in but has loaned her campaign $6.4 million, most likely a sign of money raising woes. Superdelegates appear to be headed toward Obama.

However, she is expected to take West Virginia and Kentucky next week and, perhaps, prolong her campaign and the Democrats agony further. She holds out hope for Florida and Michigan.

Clinton told reporters it would take 2,209 or 2,210 delegates to win the nomination, not the 2,025 in use by the Democratic National Committee. The higher total would come into play if the delegations were seated from Michigan and Florida, two states that held primaries outside the time frame that party rules required.

But here’s how I see it now. Obama wins the Democratic nomination. That’s obvious to all except Clinton supporters. He then eschews public funding of his campaign. If the voters let him get away with going back on his “promise,” he easily raises more money than McCain.

I’m not sure at this point if McCain ditches the “nice guy” campaigning he’s been engaging in till now, because any criticism of Obama will be proclaimed as racist.

Hey, we’re a long way away and I could be wrong. In fact, I hope I am.

UPDATE: Mac Ranger disagrees.

UPDATE II: Robert Novak says,

With Clinton about to be out of the picture, look for a big Obama jump in the polls to take a lead-maybe a commanding lead-against McCain. The dreadful state of the GOP, as reflected in its recent loss of a Louisiana congressional seat (see below), was bound to catch up with the presidential race. McCain cannot win without sustained battering of Obama, a tactic that McCain deplores.

That’s the way I see it. People want a change; they don’t really care what kind.


7 Responses to “Clinton out soon, Obama will win presidency”

  1. You are definitely right. Obama will definitely win the presidency. If that proves good or bad for America, that is another question.

  2. Thanks, Mills. My opinion is that it would be bad for America. The next question is will it be not too bad that we can recover or disastrous.

  3. That’s a key question. Sadly, I think it will be disastrous. Not that McCain would do better.

  4. Have to agree with you there. I’m not really that hot on McCain, in spite of the button on the site. And the more I hear, the cooler I become, though I’m not ready to ditch him yet.


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