Waukesha’s chances of Lake Michigan water are slim to none

by thoughtfulconservative

Unless Mayor Larry can convince his Democratic brethren either in Milwaukee/Wisconsin or Illinois, I don’t see Waukesha getting any Lake Michigan water.

The Great Lakes Compact requires the return of water to the lake. It will be expensive most likely. But logical, because that’s where the water came from. Makes sense to return it.

Now comes a story from Illinois that makes it seem as thought Illinois might not want wastewater going to the lake.

Illinois water officials are researching whether a provision of the Great Lakes water compact that could allow places such as Waukesha and Brookfield to receive Lake Michigan water would damage a lake recreation area that needs the Fox River to replenish it.

Under the compact, communities in Waukesha County receiving lake water would have to return treated wastewater to the lake instead of the Fox River.

That has Illinois water officials combing Waukesha Water Utility records to determine the possible effect on the river’s flow if Waukesha stopped sending its treated wastewater to the river.

If that happens, the Fox River would lose a contribution to its flow of at least 10 million to 11 million gallons a day, a wastewater treatment plant official said.

So Waukesha can’t send water down the Fox River because the Compact doesn’t allow it, and it’s possible Illinois would veto the city sending the water back to Lake Michigan.


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