Church has plot to tackle food prices

by thoughtfulconservative

A Waukesha church wants to let people make gardens as food prices skyrocket. Good idea, right?

From the Journal Sentinel,

But before a shovel is put in the ground, city officials who were caught a bit off-guard by Southminster’s plan must give their blessings to the concept.

Gardening usually is done in the backyard, where it’s out of sight. Southminster’s garden would be in full view at the front of the church, creating zoning and setback issues that might be easily resolved, said David Kopp, a city planner.

To grow vegetable gardens instead of grass, Southminster must get a variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals on Monday and a conditional use permit from the Plan Commission on May 14.

Some neighbors might speak in opposition, saying the gardens will be unsightly and decrease property values, Kopp said. The permits will be only temporary, he said.

Yep, government has got to have its say.


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