Waukesha Carnival 05/04/08

by thoughtfulconservative

First of all, my apologies to anyone who has been submitting via Blog Carnival. It seems every time I try to logon (which was not often, I admit), they were down. I still get all the e-mail notices, as far as I know.

With that welcome to this week’s carnival. Let’s get to it.

The Asian Badger starts us off with this thought,

Local politicos and some screwy business leaders are blind to the obvious. They think business will relocate to Wisconsin simply because we have water availability thanks to Lake Michigan.

Josh at Blog Waukesha wants to identify wasteful spending locally and so he’s learned about the laws concerning public information and checked out some spending.

Fox Head shares a humorous story on government regulation.

Bryon Houlgrave has a stunning picture of a lightning strike.

In state related topics, Sen. Mary Lazich (or perhaps, aide Kevin Fischer) shares a study of what Americans say when asked about voter ID.

Dad29 looks toward the next Wisconsin Supreme Court election next April.

Closer to home, j gravelle points out that the Journal Sentinel thinks more highly of Eugene Kane (Laurel Walker, too, for that matter) than Patrick McIlheran.

Cindy Kilkenny shares a link to a Racine Post Blog post on what digging on Sixth Street has revealed.

Jeff at Five Points Blog attempts to answer a question posed at Tuesday night’s Blog n Grog. “If you could change one thing about Waukesha, what would it be?”

Speaking of Blog n Grog, Sancho announces at Hobo Springs that Blog n Grog will be a monthly event. He again stresses that any one who can get to Waukesha is invited.

Silent e celebrates his 2nd blogoversary. Congratulations.

Kyle Prast posts her observations on the recent Sensenbrenner town hall in Brookfield.

Linda Richter criticizes a couple of New Berlin school board members at Inside New Berlin. Matt Thomas replies.

James Wigderson will be guest blogging at FoxPolitics on Thursdays.

Nationally, Troy Fullerton examines Republican empathy for Hillary Clinton.

Tim at The Other Side of My Mouth made me crack-up, even though my ideology is the one he’s making fun of. I couldn’t help it.

Finally, David B. Bohl presents Do you have a personal plan for success? Want a Free One?

That concludes this edition. If you’d like to submit something, you can either us this form, or email the link directly to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com. Past and future editions can be found on this page.


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