Why gas prices are high

by thoughtfulconservative

Fox Head lets us know why gas prices are up (briefly),

One, supply is down and demand is up.

Two, we are dependent on foreign oil because we choose to be dependant.

Three, there have been no new refineries built, oil companies have been at capacity, which helps to drive the profit margins we are seeing.

Dad29 notes another reason we have here in Wisconsin, and links to Counterterrorism Blog which lists a few more.

OPEC Oligarchy practices, intensified international competition for secure access to essential commodities, increased reliance on middlemen for oil lifting, profit-motive purchasing policies and upstream practices of major oil companies, the falling dollar, and intense speculative upward bidding of oil futures on the world’s merchantile exchanges.

A gas tax holiday is not going to solve that.

Geez. I hate agreeing with Obama.

6 Responses to “Why gas prices are high”

  1. I would be more inclined to listen to the need for more refineries if they could care for and keep operating the ones they already have.

  2. And if we let them build all the refineries they wanted, would it solve the problem? It appears it would not because there are still the other factors.

  3. Hey Dean. Long time no see:).

    You know, it’s so funny, Dean. Maybe it’s true that young people get more conservative in their old age.

    I’ve watched this story. And, usually, I agree with quite a bit that Andrew Sullivan, who was the first person to really pitch this story this way before it became more mainstream consensus, has to say.

    But I have to say that every time I encountered this story, I just kept thinking, “A break from gas taxes couldn’t hurt, could it?” And I agreed with John McCain’s argument that you could easily find the cuts in the budget – which is the unspoken concern by a lot of the folks who don’t like this proposal, but which is where the hard work on balancing that federal budget is going to have to take place, anyway – if we were committed to lower taxes and a balanced budget.

    It may also be that I’m voting for McCain, at this point. I really like Obama trying to challenge so much of the dishonesty and the ugly, divisive politics as usual in Washington, right now. But I disagree with him, at this point, that a pullout is the best policy in Iraq. And I just don’t share his liberal policy outlook on the economy. Both Democrats have really disappointed me, this season, in their anti-free trade sentiments.

    Anyway, this has been a funny story for me to watch. My free trade/low taxes commitment is pretty strong, I suppose. But I also understand the commitment by many to balance that budget, as well. And that can only happen with the taxes to pay for the budget or cuts to the budget. So I understand the concerns people have about this tax and the admittedly very temporary impact it will have on peoples’ lives.

    Thanks for introducing me to a whole bunch of blogs in Wisconsin, there, Dean, especially the Christian conservative blogs that I don’t usually encounter. It was really interesting reading about the elections and the world from the perspective of folks in Wisconsin and the religious blogs that you link to, here. I often spend a lot of time wondering how people look at me and my blog when I write. But reading all the different perspectives I spent reading, today, helped me make some peace that all of us come to the world with our own values and outlooks, and, in the end, we can only be ourselves. Makes it all the more important for that to mean that we’re genuinely good people, doesn’t it? I learned a lot following your links, Dean. Thanks.

    Hope you’re doing well, Dean. Talk with you soon.


  4. Hey, Ben, nice to see you. I’m doing pretty well. Thanks for your comments here.

  5. Thanks for the information. Me this theme too interests. I shall read still.


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