James T. Harris

by thoughtfulconservative

OnMilwaukee.com interviews James T. Harris blogger, motivational speaker, talk show host.

UPDATE: Ok, I am not James T. Harris. In fact, I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Harris. So if you folks would actually like Mr. Harris to read your drivel, please address him at his blog, The National Conversation. I’m sure he would love to read them.

Thank you.


23 Comments to “James T. Harris”

  1. Well, he certainly can motivate me.

  2. See? An endorsement 😉

  3. Real funny there Mr. Harris to be a plant at McCain’s function today —- Thursday, October 9th, 2008 pleading for him to “take on Obama with insults and hatred”.

    I thought it was you, but was only able to confirm it after reading about you in numerous news stories tonight.

    David Gergen (CNN) thought you went OVER THE LINE.

    I agree.

  4. Mr. Harris, as a fellow conservative I’m appalled you pleaded with Sen. McCain to bring up Rev. Wright as a issue. This campaign has to be about the issues which at this time is the economy. If Sen. McCain cannot recover his standing with a true and honest campaign then he was the wrong cadidate for our party. If we maintain our values even in the face of adversity, then after this fight is over, we will have our dignity for the next fight.

  5. We all live in the country for many reasons and one of those reasons is freedom. Freedom to do what one wants. Its a beautiful thing to be a black man and run for president or a woman and run for vice president. That’s why America is what it is, beautiful. Mr.Harris has every right to have any view he chooses but when I saw him egging on McShame to continue with these negative ads and push for more hate filled words to win a election I was taken back. This country is bleeding and is slowing coming to a halt and you want Americans to focus on a issue that is clearly old and has nothing to do with today’s real problem. Clearly McShame would rather win a election at all cost than be a man of honor, and that goes for you as well Mr Harris

  6. James T Harris ….Is the modern day slave. You are a cancer to the black people of America. To stand at a rally which earlier people were hurling racial insults about a man who they have no idea about or cant even muster up enough intelligence to understand. Black people sacrificed there life and marched against bigots like Mcain just so your sorry ass can even stand and have a voice at a GOP convention. You have the nerve to stand speak in a pit full of vipers that could care less about you only your vote to prolong there sorry lives in politics. You are truly a disgrace to black people and have raised the bar on the term “uncle Tom”

  7. Wow, James T, ya hit a nerve, I think. I wasn’t at the Rally yesterday…But, it was interesting, I was chatting with a fellow employee this morning who was there. She was so hyped, said it was a great rally! She mentioned there was this nice black family there was standing up for McCain and I told her that it was probably you. She had no idea who you were, but I sent her your link and had her check it out…She was amazed that you were the person she saw and heard yesterday. She thought you were terrific. I told her that I love listening to talk radio and you were one of my favorites…Your funny, intelligent and above all have common sense. Which is so lost these days. Thank you , thank you, thank you for not being afraid to speak up and following the herd.

  8. Take it to Obama ay?? What is he going to do in the last debate that the smartest kid in Harvard couldn’t handle?? Are you one of the millions of Americans who feel so insecure about your own intelligence that you would rather your leader was just as ignorant??? You know, Obama will be a better president than John Mccain, you know that Sarah Palin is a total joke to the republican party and the entire political system of the United States! As an African American I believe you should be proud to have someone like Barak Obama finally break through and make history next month and become the nations first black president. What have John Mccain and other conservatives ever done for you to get your support?? NOTHING! We as a nation need to come together and support Barak Obama as the next president of this great country

  9. One last thing! I gotta call a Spade a Spade on this one: You call yourself a Thoughtful conservative, after yesterday I think it’s safe to say you belong to the league of ignorant right wing conservatives.

  10. If you love the last 8 years of Bush, you’d love 4 more with McCain and his Alaskan Disaster.

  11. I think some of you have me confused with Mr. Harris.

    And I removed one of CYRUS.T’s doubled comment.

  12. And the winner is James T Harris, I must say you won, that Oscar winning performance, kudos to you, sir! Can you answer me one question, how much did they pay you? for this? Brilliant! Absolutely stunning! Go OBAMA 2008

  13. I love it. This is a chance to rise in the republican party,
    since they don’t have many loyalists like condolezza. She has hung in there until the bitter end. You’re playing it smart. They need a spook who sits by the door.

  14. jame t. harris the ignorant bowing bending tap dancing KING of the uncle toms who exposed himself on CNN as lowly uneducated fool who can’t engage in an intelligent debate but will RUN like, like, like a run away SLAVE,I’m sorry to share my city with this halfwit, I think he’s actually a border crosser from bigfoot country Mississippi, he can be a native son

  15. Gee, and some are saying that conservatives are racists.

    “call a spade a spade,” “spook at the door,” and best of all Randy. Was there anything you left out, Randy?

  16. Yeah I left this out, since when are consevatives thoughtful? they enjoy goose stepping without thought, they are like trained seals, throw them a fish and they flap their flippers, again with out thought, now smoke on that bright boy, you and your man servant james t. for tom harris!!

  17. Wow. Did you think of those terms all by yourself, Randy? How thoughtful of you?

  18. So you just got to have the last word, DON’T THINK SO!!, Just reading your idiotic replies tells me I know you better than you know your self, you’re a big bill o reilly fan, probably the president of his fan club, you have a framed autographed picture of rush limpballs and he just gives you the vapors every time you hear his voice, you never had a thought of idea you can claim as your own, what I’m saying mr. unthoughtful conservative, you’re a pod, you’re a halfwit, you’re the love child of ernest t. bass and ann coulter, did I knock it out of the park?

  19. I meant to say thought OR idea in my previous post, but this mental midget has got my blood a boiling

  20. Oh, one other thing, most right wingers who tend to rant and this means you (howiwish4athoughtof myown consevative )and your man servant james T4 tom harris are hypocrite’s who actually don’t believe the crap that comes out of their mouths, they are just victims of the Jedi Mind Trick what else could explain how you see the country as it is and want more of the same, it’s mind boggling.

  21. Just replying to your rantings Randy. I rarely listen to O’Reilly or Limbaugh, although they have some good ideas sometimes, they are just too bombastic for my tastes.

    The rest of your rants are too ridiculous to even reply to.

    And I shall not return to even read any more of your BS.

  22. Mission accomplished!

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