Will they split the difference?

by thoughtfulconservative

From My Way News – Top Michigan Democrats suggest splitting delegates

Michigan Democrats working to get the state’s delegates seated at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday suggested splitting them 69-59 between presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Clinton has argued that she should get 73 delegates based on the results of the Jan. 15 primary, which she won – 18 more than Obama.

Obama, who removed his name from the ballot, wants the 128 pledged delegates split evenly, 64-64.

The compromise, suggested Tuesday in a letter to Michigan Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer, fell halfway between the two proposals.

Obama would be well served to take this deal, as would Clinton. Clinton gets the win she can brag on, Obama doesn’t lose that much ground and delegates get seated, thus avoiding a charge of disenfranchisement.


2 Comments to “Will they split the difference?”

  1. Repectfully disagree with you. These delegates should not be seated. They broke the rules and must pay the price!

  2. I don’t really give a rip what they do with them. I’m just sayin’ what the Dems should do.

    If they fight till 2012, it will be fine by me.

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