Another potential McCain VP?

by thoughtfulconservative

From The Week magazine’s website

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has been touring poorer parts of the country with Republican presidential candidate John McCain, acting as an economic adviser and campaign surrogate. Fiorina, named the GOP’s ceremonial “Victory” chairwoman for 2008, is reportedly on McCain’s short list of vice presidential choices. (The Wall Street Journal) “We could do a lot worse than Carly,” said Republican National Committee Deputy Chairman Frank Donatelli. (

What the commentators said
Carly Fiorina? Come on, said Shawn Wasson in the blog The News Junkie. She was a “failed executive” at HP, and “if she can’t run a computer company, she certainly can’t run this country.” If this isn’t a ploy on Fiorina’s part to garner “a little positive publicity for herself,” it’s clearly a “calculated move” to “confuse” the Democrats.

Of course, we saw comments like this at Sean Hackbarth’s also interview at The American Mind when she was in the area with McCain earlier this month.

But maybe since good business people haven’t done that well with the economy, we should let some poor business people try.


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