“Blog n Grog”

by thoughtfulconservative

That’s where you’ll find me tonight.

As Sancho says,

If you can find Waukesha on the map, YOU ARE INVITED!!!

I’ll be wearing my Tampa Bay Devil Ray cap.

UPDATE: Sancho posts the list of attendees at Hobo Springs, but I’ll put them here in honor of a blogger’s eternal quest for links.

Asian Badger, Silent E and his wife, Jeff, who made the suggestion of a very nice place, Mr. Ol’ Broad, Darryl E and his wife, Huck, Steveegg, and Clufter. Great time and I’m looking forward to the next one.and his wife.[Sorry, Lance 🙂 ] another Blog ‘n’ Grog soon.

5 Comments to ““Blog n Grog””

  1. The next one what and his wife?

  2. Hmmm. I’m going to have to fire my proofreader.

  3. Oh, sure, now my comment makes no sense.

  4. LOL. It’s all about the comments.

  5. This Party will be based on some good ole American ideals such as pulling your own weight in life, honoring and protecting our country, and, among other ideals, always doing what is right for America, not our neighbors here on the 3rd rock. ,

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