Waukesha Carnival

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to the on-time-for-a-change edition of the Waukesha Carnival. Let’s see what’s in our bag of posts from the Waukesha portion of the Cheddarsphere this week.

The Asian Badger gives Wesley Snipes some practical tax advice, Use someone who knows what they’re doing. That he takes a swipe at our lovely tax code is just a bonus.

J Gravelle at The Daily Scoff shares some hypocrisy that took place last week in Colorado.

In the government waste department, Josh at Blog Waukesha is taking on an admirable task; identifying government waste. Some of us might say, “Just ditch the whole thing and start over,” but Josh will be learning about getting information from the government via the Freedom of Information Act.

Dad29 goes tongue-in-cheek to question some transportation projects, which if cut would clear some of that $600 million debt the state is trying to address. Of course, one man’s earmark is someone else’s essential spending.

Corruption? Or something else? Cindy Kilkenny closes the books on her investigation of Kevin Fischer’s vacation time at Fairly Conservative.

Locally, Kyle Prast posts upcoming events of interest to Brookfield (and others) at Brookfield7. At her other blog (how do people find time for two blogs?) she reviews Expelled favorably. I hope to see it within the next couple of weeks.

In Waukesha, Jeff from Five Points blog posts about the vision that is transforming downtown Waukesha. He has some very good thoughts and pictures of the areas under discussion or construction.

Spring City Chronicle has a suggestion for replacing the Waukesha Expo Center with a new multi-purpose facility downtown.

Ever wonder who you can really trust for your weather? El Gato, a new blogger posting at Relatively Conservative, compares weather forecasts of our local TV stations.

Turning to national news, in checking out Rendezvous with Destiny, Troy Fullerton, who once believed Obama to be a formidable candidate for the Democrats, now thinks Clinton, after Pennsylvania, has shown how tough she can be.

James Wigderson looks at the Pennsylvainia results and a New York Times op/ed and wonders if they are new to politics.

silent e posts the ad run by the North Carolina GOP and asks what’s wrong with it. I wonder too.

That concludes this edition. If you would like to submit one of your posts for the next edition, you use this handy submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival archive page. Our thanks to Blog Carnival for their service.

Or, if you prefer, you can email the link directly to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com.


2 Responses to “Waukesha Carnival”

  1. Re: Expelled; Saw it last Sunday night, and thought it was very well done. Stein never says that one view is right or wrong, and he gives equal time to both sides of the debate. Not to mention Richard Dawkins is about as pissed off as one human being can be, which is kind of a cool bonus.


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