“The public’s disdain for Congress is justified”

by thoughtfulconservative

So writes James Burkee, professor at Concordia University and candidate for the Republican nomination to the House of Representatives in Wisconsin’s Fifth District, in the latest Small Business Times.

His charge against Jim Sensenbrenner,

A judge would not rule on a case involving a pharmaceutical company he owned stock in. So why would a congressman vote for legislation that positively affected the value of stocks he owned in pharmaceutical companies – or defense contractors?

Even if it’s not corrupt, it sure looks bad.

A similar problem exists with the impact of special interest money. Many members of Congress, including Mr. Sensenbrenner, take millions of dollars from special interests, then vote for legislation that positively affects the very interests that fund their campaigns (the majority of his campaign contributions come from special interests). Or they accept gifts, like the hundreds of thousands of dollars in free travel given Congressman Sensenbrenner, from organizations looking to benefit from Congressional legislation.

It may not be illegal, but it sure looks bad.

Burkee, on the other hand, has promised that he will,

never vote for irresponsible deficit spending, will reject lobbyist gifts and special interest money in his campaign and in office, and will limit himself to three terms.

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