The most overrated sports event

by thoughtfulconservative

has to be the NFL draft.

Yes, some of these guys will be stars. Some will also be flops. Ryan Leaf, anyone? It’s a crap shoot at best and yet these guys are analyzed ad nauseum. Mock drafts abound.

Don’t count me among those on the edge of their seats waiting for the next pick.

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2 Comments to “The most overrated sports event”

  1. Heresy!

    Of course it’s a crap shoot. That’s WHY it’s so much fun. That, plus it’s all the actual football we get between February and September. Give a starving man a crumb, whydontcha?

  2. See, I have baseball for that.

    It reminds me too much of the 24/7 cable news stations during the primary season, or covering a “breaking” news story. Hour upon hour of pundits talking to fill the dead air between picks.

    You want excitement? Give ’em two minutes. Or one. Best would be thirty seconds. They all know who they want anyway.

    Then I might watch it.

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