Early electoral outlook

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE: Here’s a nice little map to summarize.

Electoral map of 2004 showing pivotal states

From the Associated Press, favors the Democrats, supposedly. In summary,

The competition to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win is expected to play out primarily in 14 states. All but one saw the greatest action in 2004. The exception is Virginia, a longtime Republican stronghold where Democrats have made inroads. Eight of the states went for President Bush four years ago, including the crown jewels Ohio and Florida. Six, including big-prize Pennsylvania, voted for Democrat John Kerry. In the battlegrounds, far more electoral votes, 97, are up for grabs for Democrats than the 69 available for McCain to go after.

The states? Those which went Republican in 2004 with their electoral votes, Colorado (9), Nevada (5), New Mexico (5), Iowa (7), Missouri (11), Ohio (20), Florida (27), and Virginia (13).

Those that went for Kerry, Minnesota (10), Wisconsin (10), Michigan (17), New Hampshire (4), Pennsylvania (21) and Oregon (7).

The article mentioned several wild card states, Arkansas (6), West Virginia (5), North Carolina (15), Georgia (15), Louisiana (9), Mississippi (6), Montana (3), Kentucky (8), Arizona (10), Washington (11), Maine (4), and, perhaps, even New Jersey (15) and Delaware (3).

Yeah, it winds up being a lot. The reasons for each are given in the article.


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