Updating the “Pentacostal 6”

by thoughtfulconservative

A recent comment to an old post on these folks led me to a recent post by Doug Weadpresidential historian and New York Times bestselling author. He is a former special assistant to the president to G. H. W. Bush. Wead grew up a Pentecostal and was once a board member to one of the targeted six ministries.

Mr. Wead contends that Sen. Grassley is going after these six ministries and ignoring others.

While fully 16,000 corporations operate their own aircraft and 60,000 more have part ownerships as well as leases, we are now learning that Republican Senator Charles Grassley’s investigation of six Pentecostal Ministries was prompted by the fact that they owned private jets. He has reportedly asked the six Pentecostal ministries to give him every credit card receipt for the last five years. He has asked at least one of the ministries to give him the name of every musician or speaker who has ever stood in his pulpit in the last forty years. But the jets, we are told, were the straws that broke the camel’s back, or the donkey’s back, and provoked the investigation, for the Senator insists that true Christians should ride donkey’s as Jesus did when he entered Jerusalem. (Google for the Senator’s live comments.) 

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11 Responses to “Updating the “Pentacostal 6””

  1. I do suppose that it is a little ironic to see the Pope fly in on his jet and roll around all week in his Mercedes Pope-mobile and no one everyone act like these 6 are the only ones who need to be looked at.

  2. Does make you wonder why these six? Why not others?

  3. Here is another perspective you may want to consider. It is a blog entitled “Kenneth Copeland’s Jet” I’m not so sure that Senator Grassley has a right to do this, regardless of what you think about Copeland, this could open some doors we may not want to open. http://dougwead.wordpress.com/2008/04/12/kenneth-copelands-jet/

  4. Thanks buzzboy443, but, um, I think that’s the one I’ve link to in the post, isn’t it?

  5. Buzzboy I have to agree with you. We definitely do NOT want this to be a spring board for further investigations that the Senator may dream up. That’s the big issue here – what this could imply for the future.

  6. Looks like some of the major Christian leaders have gotten behind Copeland this week and are questioning this investigation as well. Check this out…

  7. Interesting article.

  8. Here is another version of that article where you can get contents of the letter.
    Christianity Today has several articles, reflecting what is being said here, one entitled “Oversight Overstep.” The concern over this seems to be widespread.

    The senator, in beginning this with a news conference before contacting the investigated, chatting on CNN, et al so freely, seems to have sown to the wind and may likely reap a whirlwind.

  9. looks like Copeland is fighting back with a website of his own. I can’t say that I blame him. This article recently came out in Dallas Star Telegram..


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