by thoughtfulconservative

The last in a series picking the finishes of the major league baseball divisions. Coming soon will be the playoffs.

In spite of the Brewers’ (and their fans) optimism, I see the Chicago Cubs winning the division. Basically the same pieces are there from last year’s club. Hitting is still good. Pitching will be the question mark. Dempsey to starter, Wood to the closer role.

Because of the weakness of the division, the Milwaukee Brewers will finish second, but again miss the playoffs. This club is no better and may in fact be worse than last year’s 83-79 team. It remains to be seen if Gagne will even regain his form much less be better than Cordero. Does Braun have a sophomore season approaching last year’s rookie year while moving to left field? Does Bill Hall regain his team MVP season of two years ago? Will Sheets remain healthy? Do all those bullpen changes work?

The rest of the division is harder to pick.

The left side of the St. Louis Cardinals infield is gone. And perhaps one of the finest defensive centerfielders, or if not, the hardest playing has been traded. What will the rotation will be until Carpenter and Mulder return from injuries.

The Cincinnati Reds have a lot of kids. They did get Cordero. They have Harang and Arroyo. After that? Who knows. Will Griffey still be around by the All-Star break?

Houston Astros have several questions. Don’t they all? A new middle infield combo is one of them. A new centerfielder too. Will Tejada return to MVP form? No.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are the only sure thing. They will finish last. Just not enough money for the pieces they need.


2 Responses to “NL CENTRAL”

  1. Amen on the Cubs winning the division…


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