by thoughtfulconservative

We will find out this year if Joe Torre is the genius everyone thinks he is. He has left the New York Yankees and gone to the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he may have to decide pitching changes once in a while. Will the Yankees live up to their potential this year? The pitching staff has promise. The offense should show no slack.

But they won’t beat the Boston Red Sox who should repeat as AL East champs. Providing everyone stays healthy and Ramirez and Papi regain their 2006 form.

Toronto Blue Jays should gain third place if only because all they have to do is beat out the Devil Rays and the Orioles. They got David Epstein for SS and Scott Rolen for 3B.

Joe Maddon is predicting a .500 record for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays this year. Right. But they probably won’t finish last thanks to the Orioles. Maybe 70+ wins will help get them that new stadium at the waterfront.

What to say about the Baltimore Orioles? With Erik Bedard going to Seattle, the O’s have no one close to a bona fide starter. Last place, even though they are in the same division as the Devil Rays.


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