by thoughtfulconservative

Continuing my look at Major League baseball.

The California Los Angeles Angels at Anaheim have won the West three of the last four years. They should do it again, although over the weekend a couple of pundits expressed concern over pitching injuries. Torii Hunter is a big addition that lets Scioscia rotate his four outfielders with the DH.

Seattle Mariners are the best of the rest. They made strides last year, but still have a few moves to make to get over the hump. Richie Sexson is in the last year of his contract so perhaps he’ll have added motivation to perform better. Plenty of offense, but the rotation? Not so much.

It’s hard to put the Texas Rangers in third, but with Oakland last, this is the only spot left. Holes in the rotation, holes in the offense, and oh, they led the league in errors last year. The bullpen is the one bright spot.

As I said, the Oakland Athletics are the reason Texas is third. Most of the healthy players are gone leaving healing veterans and youngsters. They are rebuilding and as the vets heal and perform, they may be on the trading blod.


2 Comments to “AL WEST”

  1. the angels should have this division all but wrapped up

    I can’t see any competition from the other 3 teams

  2. Neither did I, until I heard some ESPN guys pick Seattle because they were worried about the Angel pitching. I’m not a geek so I’m not up on all the inside info, but the Angels sure look strong.

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