Let’s give them another post to find

by thoughtfulconservative

For some reason, there’ s a sudden interest in “cat urine drug” or some combination thereof. I’ve had almost 1000 hits since last Thursday, including my best day since moving to WordPress (691 on Thursday) resulting from searches for that phrase or similar because this post ranks second. But I haven’t heard any news about it since that post.

Oh well, as long as I get hits.


3 Comments to “Let’s give them another post to find”

  1. I’d like to know why “i’m looking at gay porn” has to do with my site. Those are the keywords that have brought me quite a few hits, and no doubt, there have been a few shockers to those visitors. heh

  2. Hah! At least I wrote about it once. I just don’t know why there’s more interest now than when it first happened. Someone must have mentioned it on a news show somewhere.

    But you didn’t even write about it!

  3. An episode of South Park from 3/26/08 revolved around “cheesing”, or getting high off cat urine. That how I found this blog. Funny show, but actually a pretty serious manner.

    “Cheese” is low grade heroin cut with OTC medicines, like the cold pills that make you drowsy. The stuff is snorted, and resembles parmesan cheese – hence cheesing.

    Grade school kids have died from this shit.

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