by thoughtfulconservative

I will begin a series on the various baseball races, ending with the post season. First the National League East.

The New York Mets won the Johan Santana derby. Even with some time to adjust to the NL he should be their ace. If Pedro stays healthy the Mets should have the potential of 4 15 game winners. The offense will be more than adequate with that kind of pitching

The Philadelphia Phillies add Brad Lidge and hope to repeat as NL East champs. They won’t but they might get the wild card. With, perhaps, the best hitting infield in the majors, the Phillies should score their pitchers plenty of runs.

The Atlanta Braves should finish third, if only because all they have to beat are the Nationals and the Marlins. Will the aging pitching (Glavine and Smoltz) last until replacements are found?

The Washington Nationals should nip the Florida Marlins to stay out of the NL East basement. The Marlins pitching and defense are suspect. Two new faces are in the Nationals outfield but they should produce.


2 Comments to “NL EAST”

  1. The Phils will challenge the Mets for the division, dont you worry.

  2. I think they will. They did win the division last year and since they train in my adopted home town, I hope they do.

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