Jessica McBride has a new blog

by thoughtfulconservative

Called Election Watch Wisconsin, it’s aim is

to post periodic items in the April 1 2008 elections in an organized fashion. No other items will go on this blog. You can send tips to

The first post is Butler gins up phony stats on crime, but when will the media notice?

9 Responses to “Jessica McBride has a new blog”

  1. Jess has no new blog no radio show no old blog and a husband that go run out of politics

    “If he was going to stay in non public lawyering he would have gone to a large firm and picked a specialty that would make more bucks”

    Waaaaay off the mark here. Bucher floated his resume through all the big law firms in Milwaukee when he decided to leave office and no one wanted him. (What cash-paying clients would he attract?) The fact that he ended up practicing with a flim-flam ambulance chaser like Jim Gatzke should tell you something.

    Also consider this: For years Bucher was the law-and-order zealot, locking up criminals. Now he earns his filthy lucre defending the scum class.

    How do you spell “hypocrite”? This is what you folks hung Louis Butler for doing!

  2. Everyone’s a hypocrite.

  3. Jessica,
    Are you the same little cutie who drove a fiero when you worked at teh UWM Post? May not remember me, I was a friend of Ron schultz. Doing searches now; amazed at how liberal our Postie friends are … more than Novy at UWM!
    Happy small biz owner-republican in AZ, Robin Watkins.
    PS. Still gonna vote for M. Huckabee!

  4. Hi – I read with great interest your column in the Waukesha Freeman on ‘Where’s the harm in gay marriage?” I really appreciated your new view point. I am wondering if I could publish it as a story on ?
    I think it would be good for other straight families like yours to read it as the campaign aims to teach others more about gay families. Last year the campaign featured one gay family from Waukesha and we will do that on billboards again this year. I think you would be a good ally and educator for others. Please consider it: 414-412-9990

  5. great column in the Waukesha Paper

  6. Folks, this is not Jessica’s blog. I’m not even sure she reads this blog. You can probably direct your inquiries via the Waukesha Freeman.

  7. I hear that Jessica is now doing research to see if Ed Flynn is indeed the biggest prick in the Milwaukee Police Department…

  8. Classy, Timmy. Why don’t you start your own blog in order to make comments. I usually approve all comments but this seriously tests that policy.


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