Florida lawmakers offer up plan to seat delegates

by thoughtfulconservative

From CNN.com

Florida Senate Democratic Leader Steven Geller and Sen. Jeremy Ring outlined a proposal to seat all the delegates at the convention in August.The plan recommends seating half of Florida’s 210 delegates based on the results of the January 29 primary.

The remaining delegates could be allocated in a number of ways, including evenly, proportionally based on the national popular vote (excluding Florida and Michigan) or proportionally based on the total national delegate count, also excluding Florida and Michigan.

No analysis on what this would mean at CNN, but just taking percentages, Clinton would get about 52 of the first half with Obama getting 34 and then Obama would get 56 of the other half with Clinton getting 49 when based on delegate vote. He would get a couple less if we go by the popular vote.

That would give Obama about 85-90 delegates and Clinton about 100 or so delegates. This, of course, is at the moment. It could change between now and convention time. I wouldn’t expect it to change much.

No indication on if the previous rules for distributing delegates would apply to the half allocated that way. Here’s the Green Papers current count with a couple of scenarios for the Democrats.

Clinton might not go for it since it’s not much better than just splitting the delegates two ways.

A Florida Democratic Party statement says,

It means that a solution will have to come from the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee, which is scheduled to meet again in April.

Michigan’s re-vote looks unlikely, also.

Will the campaigns agree on any solution?


3 Comments to “Florida lawmakers offer up plan to seat delegates”

  1. Michigan and Florida Suffrage – The right to vote!

    Didn’t we all chear when women and African Americans were allowed to vote? Then why are the people of Florida and Michigan banned from voting? Lets put the d back in Democrat and make the Democratic party democratic!

    Write on the blogs, get out news articles, and keep writing Howard Dean. If anyone out there is in the press write a story about this. Can we hold a peaceful protest. All Americans should be aloud to vote!

    “In the United States two groups in particular, African Americans and women, were long excluded from the franchise, and their struggles to achieve the right to vote were long and hard fought. In theory, African American men achieved suffrage with the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment, but in fact some states threw up barriers to black voting that persisted into the 1960s. American women did not win their struggle for suffrage until ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, but unlike African Americans, they did not then have to continue the fight against state attempts to circumvent the law. A final extension of suffrage took place in 1971 when the Twenty-Sixth Amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18.”

  2. They broke the rules and MUST pay the price. They get NO delegates!

  3. Jonathan obviously doesn’t read the news or listen to it either.
    His remarks are stupid and uninformed. These States DID vote, but they voted too early inspite of the warning. More importantly, these are not real elections for anything that any laws apply to. It’s strictly for the purpose of the party choosing a delegate. Jonathan is a moron and can’t even spell “cheer”!

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