How will we know when we’ve “won” in Iraq?

by thoughtfulconservative

Keith Schmitz (the famous krshorewood) makes a good point here.

We beat Germany and Japan, two of the world’s greatest powers in three years and eight months.

We have been at it in Iraq for five years with no end in sight.

I would disagree that Bush (and Cheney) are dragging things out intentionally. I think they are genuinely clueless here.

Not that I’m much better. We Republicans talk about victory, but what will that look like?

No more casualties with a stable Iraq? What will be stable? And will we realistically get there?


2 Comments to “How will we know when we’ve “won” in Iraq?”

  1. Like I said on Keith’s post, Dean, I don’t know what victory looks like, but I know what defeat looks like…it looks a lot like what we’ll see if a Democrat wins the White House this year.

  2. Yes, defeat is easy to define. But then comes the question how long do we avoid defeat?

    Germany and even Kuwait had clear cut goals and we were fighting against something. Even Afghanistan had a goal at first.

    But Iraq is turning into Vietnam, where we are propping up a government in the hopes that it can win the hearts of the people, and I don’t see that happening soon.

    How long do we hang on for that? Yes, defeat would be tragic. Lack of victory, however, is just as tragic.

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