Will McCain ask Mitt Romney to be Vice President?

by thoughtfulconservative

Redmanbluestate asks the question

I answer. Only if he loans the general election campaign as much as he loaned himself.


5 Comments to “Will McCain ask Mitt Romney to be Vice President?”

  1. What about a McCain-Paul ticket?

  2. McCain-Paul. Hmmm.

    They, of course, have this large disagreement on the Iraq War. Probably on a lot of other issues. Could work if they get things hashed out.

    I still think with the Democrats nominating a black or a woman, McCain really has to counter with one or the other or both (Condoleeza Rice?).

  3. I think McCain Has to pick Romney, for several reasons.
    1. Romney brings the conservatives and Talk Radio that McCain Desperately needs.
    2. Romney makes the Economy, which is quickly becoming the #1 issue a mute issue for McCain, because of Romneys track record of fixing failing companies.
    3. Michigan and Mass. become purple states instead of Blue states. When the election for president comes down to electoral votes, haveing Michigan and Mass up for grabs, where now the dems have to spend money in order to hang on to, makes it much more likely that McCain could win them.
    4. The conservatives trust Romney on Immigration and hate McCain on that issue. Romney as McCains VP nom would make that a mute issue too.
    5. Romney brings youth to the ticket. McCain is 72 I believe.
    6. Romney brings fundraising know how to a ticket that will need lots of money to beat Obama.

    Romney just brings more pluses with him then any other possible VP Nom choice on McCains list.

  4. Kyle, in a normal election year, you make all the sense in the world. However, two rich white guys running against the Democratic ticket of either a black or a woman, besides their running mate, who could be Hispanic (Richardson), just does not seem to make sense.

    I’m not sure the conservatives I know trust Romney on much of anything. They were mostly for Fred Thompson. Which probably means McCain picks Romney.

    But he shouldn’t.

  5. Hi Romney will be or Huckabee and Utah willl vote for him to

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