Campaigns and why we get tired of them

by thoughtfulconservative

The race for the Supreme Court is getting nastier as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Saturday morning.

Not that this was a surprise to any one. After the last election’s nastiness between Linda Clifford and eventual winner (?) Annette Zigler, we knew we were in for it.

It’s been ramped even higher than we suspected with the latest ad from the Gableman campaign, which has been universally condemned by the left of center blogs who are calling it unfair at best and, most likely, racist. The AP did a fact check on it and found it misleading.

Other recent coverage can be found here and here.

I don’t really like these kinds of ads. I’m a lovey, cuddly sort of guy. I’d rather issues be discussed than sling mud.

Now I have no illusions. Politics is a full contact sport. It’s dirty and degrading.

Negative ads are apart of that landscape. One reason is because they work.


But it seems they are more prevalent in the Supreme Court races. Perhaps because what else is there to talk about. There’s only so many ways you can say you’re a good judge and you’d make a fine justice.

But I think often these kinds of ads are the reason people aren’t interested in politics and thus don’t vote in elections.

I know they don’t do much for me.

Except cause me to grab for the remote.


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