I hear Eliot Spitzer pays well

by thoughtfulconservative

Madam: Sex too hard to sell these days – Yahoo! News


2 Comments to “I hear Eliot Spitzer pays well”

  1. Splitzer had to read the essay on prostitution “A She-Savior” by the well-known Russian author Mikhail Armalinsky. It was published in Moscow edition of his Selected Works http://www.mipco.com/english/introVozn.html
    I will be happy to send you the text as attachment or here is the link: http://www.mipco.com/english/SheSavior.html

    The main idea of the essay “A She-Savior” is that the legalization of prostitution must be based on a return of its divine, sacred character, so that prostitution will be considered the most honorable profession, the one closest to God, the holiest.

  2. Well, davbaye, that’s an interesting theory. I’m not all that in favor of prostitution.

    But if one can make an argument in favor of legalizing marijuana and other drugs, I suppose one could use the same basis for legalizing prostitution.

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