Around the newspapers

by thoughtfulconservative

A couple of quick shots.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel NewsWatch,

[ Elmbrook School District Superintendent] Gibson said there was erroneous information in the ad. He said less than $14 million of the total $62.2 million referendum would be spent on new construction for gym space. The ad said $21 million would be spent.

“The information isn’t accurate,” Gibson said.

A political ad with inaccurate information? I’m shocked.

Town of Waukesha wants to protect wells.

Town officials have expressed concern that if the city [of Waukesha] opens a 3 million-gallon-a-day well field adjacent to the Vernon Marsh, the productivity of nearby residential wells and the viability of the marsh will be harmed.Tallinger said Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson has indicated that the city would fix wells that are harmed by the city’s tapping into the shallow aquifer.

“He hasn’t given us a damn thing here to verify that,” Tallinger said.

Is Mayor Nelson promising something he can’t deliver? How much are we looking at?


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