FactCheck looks at the Supreme Court of Wisconsin race

by thoughtfulconservative

Judgment Day in Wisconsin

We just finished reading John Grisham’s latest novel, “The Appeal,” which spins the tale of a Supreme Court race in Mississippi. We couldn’t help but notice a few uncanny parallels between its plot and the real-life Wisconsin race as it has unfolded so far. In both cases, a sitting African-American justice is targeted for defeat by business interests. In both, ads accuse the incumbent of coddling criminals and being too tough on business. And in both, the election results could tip the liberal-conservative balance of the court.

The stakes are high as any one who has followed the race knows.

This particular post looks at the Margaret Farrow letter (PDF file), the Greater Wisconsin Committee tv ad, and the Coalition for America’s Families ad about the Ralph Anderson case.

The verdict? “A dubious dispatch, leaps of ethical logic, and murder most foul.” Three items. Three, at best, misleading, if not false, items.

My advice? Don’t believe any of them.

More on the Supreme Court race.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s All Politics blog posts on the race.

Wispolitics campaign ad page.

WISC-TV “Reality Check” on Club for Growth TV ad.


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