Hello? Hello?

by thoughtfulconservative

James Wigderson asked and Voila! the Waukesha Freeman answered with a look at the two people running for Waukesha District 3 alderman.

They’re concerned about public safety and taxes. Aren’t we all. No mention of how they feel about water.

Like James, I’ve seen no sign of them yet, but the front entrance building I live in is not particularly inviting. Snow on the front steps and no way to get anyone’s attention. A door hanging left on the door could be there until the thaw.

Like Spring City Chronicle, I’m concerned one of them moved into the district specifically to run for this office, but also like our friend Huckleberry, that doesn’t mean it’s suspicious or that I won’t vote for her.

Al Arnold shares how to win local elections,

I still remember my first election in 1984. I stood at the end of Cornell Avenue and gazed down the street at what seemed like hundreds of yard signs for one of my opponents in the 5 way Primary. But, I was going to knock on those doors anyway.

It was that year I learned that yard signs don’t win elections. The opponent who had all those yard signs came in last. So, don’t be discouraged or intimidated by a yard sign for an opponent. Yard signs don’t vote. The people behind the front door vote. Just because the person behind the door may like one of your opponents personally and places a sign in their yard, doesn’t mean they will vote for them.

Of course, I haven’t seen any yard signs, either….


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