Declining MCTS ridership, why?

by thoughtfulconservative

Bruce at Badger Blogger takes a look at an article appearing in Saturday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on ridership in the city’s bus system. Our left-of-center friends have laid the blame at Scott Walker’s feet. That’s a bit harsh, but I agree with Bruce that that is exactly what the MJS intended with this “hit” piece.

Sandler’s predictable writing makes their agenda pretty transparent. Best example being a quotation, “objectively” talking about how people are “often willing to be taxed” for increased services from, you guessed it, a spokesperson for a public transportation advocacy group. [Italics his]

More at Badger Blogger.


3 Comments to “Declining MCTS ridership, why?”

  1. Bruce also tried to blame urban sprawl and crime, but unless someone can prove to me that all of the other cities are free of these two things, that doesn’t explain why their riderships are climbing higher while ours plummets.

  2. Harry Truman said, “I just tell ’em the truth and they think it’s Hell.” (If it wasn’t him it should have been.)

    If Scooter hasn’t killed the transit system he’s certainly trying to ride it into the ground.

  3. So is the answer, then, to fund the transit system if there are no riders? Two riders? Three riders? No matter what?

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