Odd news

by thoughtfulconservative

Sacked Mental drummer wins pay-off

The former drummer for the hugely popular Australian band Mental As Anything, accused of playing ‘like a chimpanzee on speed’, has won a legal action for unfair dismissal.

Other band members told a Sydney court that Dave Twohill didn’t play in time with the rest of the band, refused to carry his own luggage at the airport and was drunk, aggressive and always in a bad mood.

A judge awarded him £5,000 because the band didn’t give him notice that he was in danger of being sacked. [emphasis mine]

From The News Star (Monroe, LA)

A victorious video gamer’s triumphant telephone call apparently led to his arrest this morning.

The Louisiana State Police arrested Thomas Ballard, 29, of Delhi, after a concerned citizen called authorities saying she received a call shortly after midnight saying, “I have killed them all.”

Ballard’s telephone number was on her caller ID.

When troopers arrived at his house, Ballard reportedly said he had killed the “bad guys” on his video game and called a friend to share the news. After searching his home to ensure no one had been murdered on the scene, police found a 5-year-old warrant from Baton Rouge for failure to appear on a possession of cocaine charge.

Courtesy of The Week Magazine.


2 Comments to “Odd news”

  1. I love talking and writing about politics and odd news. I am from Louisiana and did not see this odd news from the Monroe, La paper. That is funny! By the way I am also a thoughtful conservative. I would love to add a link to your blog from my blog, if that is OK with you.
    Bob Wynn

  2. Yes, Bob, sorry for the delay but I would love a link. I’m going to link to you because I just love odd news.

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