I’ve failed history!

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE: Sam, in the comments, and on his blog, has noted that we essentially agree on this, which I think is true. I realize I sometimes don’t take new readers into account when I post items and folks may not know what I’ve written previously. One of the hazards of blogging the way I do.

Or so says Brazen Maverick. I’ve added him to the blogroll anyway, because that’s the kind of cuddly guy I am.

My error? A line from this post, in which I wrote,

And the idea that a minority (e.g., Frank Jude) can’t get a fair shake by an all-white jury is ludicrous, at best, and at worst, racist.

Interestingly enough, that was the only sentence I wrote in the post.

Now Sam agrees with the ruling by the AG,

I completely agree with the statement “racially-based jury selection is illegal and improper.” However, the idea that race has nothing to do with the outcome in cases is simply laughable.

And, of course, I agree with that, at least partially. My point, and especially as it pertains to the Frank Jude case, which is where this business all started is that people and particularly the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel looked at the makeup of the jury and said, basically, “This jury won’t give us a fair verdict.

That is racist and ludicrous, which is what I wrote and all I was referring to.

There were more problems with the prosecution of the case than an all-white jury.

More on the Frank Jude trial:

Milwaukee Federalists (former site): So What Really Happened In The Frank Jude Jr. Case?

My op-ed

Bad stategy?

All-white jury chosen

Justice undone editorial

Juror: We did the best we could


One Comment to “I’ve failed history!”

  1. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

    You’ve correctly recognized that my issue was essentially with the way you phrased your comment, such that it sounded as if you were saying that all-white jury = always correct. As you’ve taken the time to respond to my caveat, and as I can see we’re essentially in agreement on this issue, I will so note in my blog, and thank you for clarifying.

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