Voting gap

by thoughtfulconservative

Thursday’s Journal Sentinel tries to make a point I’ve seen a few bloggers on the left (Jim Rowen here for example) trying to make more directly, that voting turnouts may be indicative of some switch in loyalties or some appeal of Obama’s and/or Democrats that bode well for the general election.

In some states, particularly the early ones, one may assume that and turnout in those states may be troublesome in some respects.

But in Wisconsin, I don’t think it holds very much water.

  1. The Republican nominee has been decided, no matter what Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul may say or think. This would logically drive down turnout. Jib represents those folks (I make no criticism of Jib’s or anyone else’s decision here).
  2. Partly because of #1, many Republicans crossed over to vote in the Democratic primary. I almost did. You can certainly infer that steveegg did.

Looking again at the Democratic exit polls, 9 per cent considered themselves Republican and 14 per cent said they were somewhat or very conservative. They are not synonymous but it would point to a bloc that, perhaps, crossed over.

But, hey, I hope the Democrats get complacent thinking they can’t lose this election, just as many of them thought they couldn’t lose in ’04.

It will make victory that much sweeter.


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