You first

by thoughtfulconservative

Some one named Chrissie Hynde

took a ride on an Akron, Ohio, city bus to show her support of a countywide sales tax increase for mass transit.

The Akron native and the lead singer of The Pretenders said public transportation is ‘‘what makes a city a city. ’’

When Ms. Hynde starts riding mass transit regularly herself, maybe I’ll pay closer attention.


5 Comments to “You first”

  1. It’s got to kill the big time liberal Chrissie Hynde to know that one of her songs has become the most popular bumper music in Conservative talk radio.

    (Rush Limbaugh’s bumper music comes from one of her songs, “My City Was Gone”.)

  2. HA! Yeah, that’s gotta be grating.

  3. Well, I was taught that public transportation ranked right behind “professional sports team” in what made a city worthwhile.

    I’m an old Pretenders fan, so I’ll leave Chrissie out of it.

  4. I’d rather have my tax money go to transit than the playground of a major sports team. At least it would do someone some good.

  5. I’m not against transit or sports teams. I don’t agree with using tax money for sports teams. And the only thing I have against Ms Hynde is that, for all I know, she rode transit this time and drives an SUV the rest of the time.

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