Global warming task force proposes wind turbines

by thoughtfulconservative

In the Wednesday’s Freeman

Wisconsin should consider erecting wind turbines on the Great Lakes and reward utilities for cutting energy use instead of building power plants, according to a new report.

We can’t build oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, but we can put wind turbines on the lake? I’m thinking this one’s not gonna fly.

Other ideas,

The interim report before the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming asks the state to study the possibility of pumping carbon dioxide from power plants into the ground or sending the gas by pipeline to other states.

Maybe we could make a trade; if they take our carbon dioxide, we’ll give them some water.

Doyle formed the panel a year ago and asked it to come up with recommendations to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 80 percent by 2050.


One Comment to “Global warming task force proposes wind turbines”

  1. As far as I know, the state of Wisconsin has a mandate that requires 10% of the energy produced by 2015 come from renewable sources. Currently, 5% of the energy consumed is from renewable sources, so they’re half way there. Without wind farms, where is the other 5% going to come from? Ethanol diminishes the foodstock, corn. Biomass isn’t productive enough to pick up the slack, yet. Besides that, Illinois has the same mandate, but their current renewable output is way behind Wisconsin’s. Any ideas?

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