I expect to vote for Huckabee today.

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE II: I might as well add here that I received 4 robocalls leading up to the primary–all from the McCain campaign. I received one mailing from Clinton today.  I, of course, received e-mails from all the campaigns because I signed up for them. But I received several from the Obama campaign at my thoughtfulconservative e-mail address because that’s where I had the eTicket for his rally the other day.

UPDATE: I did vote and was #361 at the Frame Park polling place for Waukesha wards 3, 4 and 60. I voted at about 3pm and the number clicked up to 381 before I left and there were several people in the process of voting.

I was thinking of voting for Clinton, but like Spring City Chronicle, I’d probably have to cut off my right arm if she was eventually elected and I have never voted for a Democrat, that I can remember and I can’t see myself starting now. And like SCC, it’ll probably be Huckabee, just to give McCain a thumb in the eye.


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