Waukesha notes

by thoughtfulconservative

Local political news from Saturday’s Waukesha Freeman.

Mayor Nelson got it twice. First of all, he had to delete an entry on his blog which is linked to the city’s website. In it he had virtually endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Mayor Larry Nelson said in the future he will refrain from mentioning politics on his blog on the city’s Web site after having to remove an entry he made on the advice of the city attorney.

The Freeman article continued,

There is a disclaimer that visitors to the mayor’s blog must read before entering his site….

This is not exactly true. If you arrive at his blog via the city’s web site, you’ll see the disclaimer. If you click on a link (e.g., the one above) you go straight to the blog without viewing the disclaimer.

Second one on Mr. Mayor was on the op-ed page where the board gave him a dart. In part,

Here is something Mayor Nelson said this week at a political rally supporting Barack Obama: “I feel an obligation to the citizens of Waukesha to say who I think would be the best president for the city of Waukesha, and that person is Barack Obama.”

He thinks he has an obligation to tell us who the best president for Waukesha would be? Really? That doesn’t come to mind when thinking of top mayoral duties.

The mayor needs to remember he’s the mayor of Waukesha….

Mayor Nelson deserved it. One has to wonder if he felt an obligation to inform his eighth grade students about who would be the president. He should know better. Hopefully, he learns his lesson.

Our new city administrator, Lori Luther, was not left out. Evidently some folks didn’t like seeing her picture in the paper paying rapt attention to Senator Obama. She says she was there in an official capacity. Whatever. Let’s look at the final sentence of the column,

“She was working, talking with the sheriff’s department and the secret service,” Nelson said. Luther was unable to attend a similar rally for Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, also held on Wednesday.

She could make it to Obama’s rally to work with the sheriff’s department and the secret service. On county grounds. Hmmm.

Finally, let’s look at the new candidates for alleged sexual assaulter Alderman Joseph La Porte’s seat. Seven are applying. One caught my eye, Kristin Crowell,

political director for Progressive Majority, a nonpartisan organization [Ed. – Yeah, I chuckled, too.] that trains leaders to run for local and state offices.

She blogs at the Progressive Majority Wisconsin web site. Here are some of her posts:

Poll Reveals Scott Walker is Vulnerable! “A Lena Taylor victory would make a wonderful present for Milwaukee County!” Note: Taylor is a Democratic legislator.

Poll: Conservatives Should Be Nervous “Wisconsin progressives got to benefit from national trends last year when they flipped the State Senate and came within three seats of a majority in the Assembly” So we may presume all Democrats are “progressive?”

D 96: Dale Klemme V. Lee Neriso She does the math, “Ineffective, conservative incumbent + Competent, community-minded challenger = A brand new progressive [i.e., Democratic] State Representative (and one step closer to a new Assembly Speaker)!” [Ed. – a Democrat-controlled Assembly]

Conservative Assembly: More of the Same on Health Care ” Conservatives [i.e., Republicans, and therefore not progressive] in the Assembly believe corporations are the answer to the state’s health care crisis.”

There’s more, but I think you get the idea. Nothing on Waukesha on the blog so perhaps Ms. Crowell is more at home in Milwaukee. Or perhaps with a “progressive” mayor and city administrator, there’s nothing to criticize.

Fortunately, there are six others seeking the position


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