Where have the illegal immigrants gone?

by thoughtfulconservative

From the Chicago Tribune, via The Week magazine,

Oklahoma’s new law, which cuts off undocumented immigrants from most government programs and mandates felony charges against anyone who transports or shelters them, has emerged as Exhibit A in the struggle.

Three months after the law took effect Nov. 1, anecdotal indications are mounting that many of Oklahoma’s estimated 100,000 illegal immigrants have fled the state. But so are indications that the new law is triggering unforeseen consequences.

Catch that? “Unforseen consequences.” Wonder what they might be?

The splintered trees, downed branches and piles of wood still littering nearly every neighborhood of this sprawling city two months after a devastating ice storm stand as a testament to something more than the ferocity of nature.

The debris is also a sign of the effectiveness of Oklahoma’s new law intended to drive illegal immigrants out of the state — the strictest such statute in the nation.

The branches are still here, many of the law’s critics say, because the undocumented workers who would have cleaned them up are not.

“You really have to work hard at it to destroy our state’s economy, but we found a way,” said state Sen. Harry Coates, the only Republican in the state Legislature to vote against the immigration law. “We ran off the workforce.”

Rut roh.

Construction companies that relied on undocumented laborers are having trouble completing jobs. Thousands of undocumented children have been dropped from the state’s Medicaid program. And business is down sharply at the stores, groceries and restaurants that serve a Hispanic clientele.

More rut roh. Or is it?

“The state of Oklahoma ought not be in the business of subsidizing the presence of people who are here illegally,” said Republican state Rep. Randy Terrill, sponsor of the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007, also known as House Bill 1804.

He’s got a point.

But is this what we want?


9 Comments to “Where have the illegal immigrants gone?”

  1. i buy stone from somewhere in rural oklahoma even though
    i live in ga because it ‘s really good stone. the last load i ordered took three times longer than the previous order to be shipped. i asked the company truck driver why it took so long and he said they lost most of their help. they had 35
    mexican laborers and because of the new laws they now only had 7 workers. i have now found a supply of stone from india for the same price here in atlanta. if i need it today i call and order what i need and send my truck to pick it up. so now the stone is mined and packed by someone in India by someone earning 50 cents a day. no problem with illegal workers now! no slow downs because of no workers.
    it just seems sad that the thriving stone business that i spent 30k a year with, will lose most of their business because of oklahoma’s tough new laws. the immigration depression has begun!

  2. Good point, Ken. I think this is something that is missed by folks who want to just deport all illegal aliens. It sounds like the jury is still out on the Oklahoma law, but it looks as though businesses are suffering.

  3. It looks to me like your puting down a law that the people wanted. Businesses don’t give a dam about the taxpayer in this country we are the ones that pay more so they can make more.The state of Oklahoma ought not be in the business of subsidizing the presence of people who are here illegally,” said Republican state Rep. Randy Terrill, He said it better than I can.Would any of you want to have someone break in to your home then tell you there not going to get out. Will I say this is my home and if you want to come in ASK FIRST.

  4. If you’re referring to me, BM, I am not putting down a law, merely looking at results that may have been unintended.

    I think Mr. Terrill doesn’t make a good comparison, but on the surface, I’m not against this law as long as we know the consequences.

  5. Thoughtful conserved
    So you believe we the American people should be responsible to subsidize illegal immigrants for the benefit of companies or small businesses in this country.
    I for one believe that we need to take care are our own citizens and I do not believe that comes in the way of welfare or entitlements.
    This country excepts more immigrants that any other country in a world but they come and are legal and they are happy to be accepted as American citizens.
    There is so many people that want to keep bringing up our past immigration from Europe in keep trying to say we are racist because we are complaining about illegal coming and demanding their rights. The people from Europe simulated themselves into our culture and learned to speak English and wanted their children to learn to speak English.
    But not the ones from Mexico they have made up their minds that they will continue speaking their native language and we will have to learn to speak their language I do not believe that speaking English is asking too much. I think that your local government is looking out for it’s citizens I just wish that my state would do the same.
    When did it become the federal government job to supply businesses with help that is are our biggest problem today everyone looks to the federal government for handout and when enough of them received their handout’s it costs to working man is that much greater because he is the one that going to be paying for it. Perhaps someone could tell me how the ordinary working man in this country is going to survive with so many job being sent overseas and so many illegals taking jobs this country cannot survive.

  6. Baltimore Man, thanks for your reply.

    Let me make it clear, I am NOT in favor of illegal immigration. I believe the borders should be tightened, including our ports. The reasons are obvious. But here are some things I’ve written that make it clear.

    All I am saying, is that the problem has been around for 20 years or more and its not going to go away soon. Many things need to happen to restore order to the immigration process.

    You can’t read my blog for very long without finding out that there are a lot of things the federal government shouldn’t be doing.

    The harm being done to the working man is one reason I’m surprised America’s labor unions favor the illegal immigrants.

  7. Our politicians in Washington totally amazed me all a special-interest group needs to do is complaining right away they jumped to accommodate them; they treat American like second-class citizens.
    This is my opinion this government and our representatives had no intention of ever closing our border no matter what the American people think or do. If they had any intention of secure our border they would have a lot more completed at this time Mexico is exporting its poor to the United States has China is exporting junk.
    To tell you the truth I am skeptical of everything our government tells me and if we the American people let them cut this country in half with the highway to ship China junk truth the heart of this country and to continue poisoning us we don’t the deserve to say that we are Americans.

    People talk about this country going bankrupt but if you listened to Washington they are constantly giving away money like it is nothing a couple of billions to Mexico couple of billions to that country I mean after all its taxpayers money. Come on people if we continue to put people into power in Washington year after year and never look to see what they’re doing or how they are voting on things that concern America we must stop voting along party lines and start voting for the person At one time we used to be united we were just plain Americans we put no name in front of the word American because we were united as Americans “1 people.” You know one time I was watching TV. I can’t remember the program but I believe it was something to do with body piercing and they were asking people in the audience what they thought on this subject and to this day it stayed in my head when they asked a young black girl what she thought on the matter and she said she had nothing to say and a host said well you are African-American and this is what she told him she said that she was American she did not know anything about Africa she was American that’s all, you could have heard a pin drop in the audience.

    I would like someone to tell me why the American taxpayer are forced to pay a Communist ACLU lawyers to tear apart our Constitution or why our government gives a total racists organization like Lu Raza millions of taxpayers money to operate their own schools as they lie to their people that this is their land. The ACLU, Lu Raza, and a now even the AFL.CIO union has shown the side they are on and believe me they are not on the side of the American people. I will not say that all the democrats or the Republicans are bad but the ones that have records like Ted Kennedy Nancy Pelosi Harry Reid are just some of them, just think that this group just this year was telling the American people with their comprehensive immigration reform bill in front of television cameras and lied to the American people and continue lying to this day that the bill was not amnesty and it was Bush’s bill. And then like thieves in the night they tried to pass the dream act that one was for those illegal children whose mothers and fathers brought them into this country illegally was trying to give them amnesty to.
    Most people don’t know just how many illegal Ted Kennedy had brought into the light from the shadows he said them exact words in 86 or whenever it to cut was when we ended up with three million. The opening border people keep saying that these people pay taxis when in truth the people that employ them leave it up to them to pay their taxis just for instance at a construction site the contractor that employs that illegal immigrant will not contribute to socialist security will not have insurance on the illegal and well not pay them scale wages.

  8. The unemployment rate for Blacks Americans is officially listed as 8.6 percent. Official unemployment rates are always lower than reality because people not actively trying to become employed are not counted. Many Blacks realize that they will not get hired when the construction, landscaping, and restaurant companies have their system of a massive supply of cheap labor from illegals. They have no hope; so, they give up. They can make much more money by selling drugs; that are smuggled here by the Mexican Mafia; along with the weapons that the dealers will “need” to protect themselves from all the other dealers that have already bought their weapons from the Mexican Mafia. Illegal immigration hurts Black Americans. Illegal immigration hurts poor Americans. Illegal immigration hurts the poor people in the countries from where the illegals came from. Mexico is (and has been) having difficulties finding workers [Global Manpower Employment Outlook Survey — “” Across the Americas, employers in Peru, Costa Rica and Argentina are most optimistic about hiring in the next three months, while those in Canada are the least optimistic. Meanwhile, Mexican employers continue to report steady, upbeat hiring
    “The strength seen in the Mexican labor market should continue with employers in the Transport & Communication, Commerce and Mining sectors reporting their most optimistic hiring plans in six years,” said Joerres. “On the other hand, their neighbors to the north in the U.S. and Canada are less optimistic, with the Construction sectors in these countries revealing the steepest year-over-year declines in hiring confidence.” “”]. Illegals are good, hard-working people, right? They need to be working hard for their own countries. I was a surveyor (construction industry). The housing bubble was created because of the ability to get the cheap labor to keep the costs down. This created artificial demand and, of course, the eventual over-supply.
    PS, the biggest financial burden for us is the education costs of their endless number of kids; school over-crowding, slowing down curriculums because they do not speak English, etc.

    You are what you eat: Mexerica.


  9. Your first part is exactly why I find it so amazing that the black leadership and unions are so in favor of illegal immigration. It seems that it is working against their constituents.

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