Barack Obama in Milwaukee

by thoughtfulconservative

I got into downtown about 9:45, found a nice little parking lot north of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel building and walked down to the Midwest Airlines Center.

Speakers were already warming up the crowd that WTMJ estimated at 6000, including a large contingent of young people, when I got into the hall at about 10:10. He was introduced at about 10:30 and he spoke for about 45 minutes, counting the several times he was interrupted by applause.


Obama looks very comfortable speaking and spoke without referring to notes. He started behind the podium, but soon grabbed the wireless mike and walked the stage during his speech reminding of some preachers I have seen.


He hit the typical themes, health care, fixing schools, energy independence, getting out of Iraq, a plan for giving students money for college in exchange for community service, and other subjects. One refrain was urgency, that we can’t wait for these problems to be solved. He also responded to criticisms Clinton has made and criticized her. He also poked at McCain, linking him with Bush. Many of the topics were the same as Cindy Kilkenny noted in his appearance in Waukesha. Well, it is a stump speech.

One thing I noticed here and at the Huckabee rally about the speeches, say the right things, don’t get too specific, after all these are rallies, not forums.


After speaking, Obama moved across the front shaking hands.

More pictures are here.

Other coverage:



A short video clip


3 Comments to “Barack Obama in Milwaukee”

  1. Wow. Judging from that last picture, people sure can’t get enough of nothing!

    Wish that I could get away with that for a living.

    Nice job, great pictures. Must have been a fun experience.

  2. Thanks, phel. It was fun, well, as much fun as being surrounded by liberals can be 🙂

    I was actually surprised by how few people stayed around to shake his hand. I don’t know if they had to get to class, the size of the crowd discouraging them or what, but it didn’t seem like much more than those who stayed behind to shake Huckabee’s hand.

  3. It was a neat experience. I remember seeing Bush and thinking, “my goodness, this is the leader of the free world.” I didn’t get the goosebumps with Obama that I did with Bush, though.

    Obama is a remarkably gifted orator.

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