The Capital Times cuts back

by thoughtfulconservative

Continuing a rash of newspaper cut backs, the Madison Capital Times

will increase its Internet content while at the same time reducing the number of times it publishes each week.

Another newspaper, another cutback. Circulation was

16,565 for the most recent reporting period, compared with 87,708 daily and 141,234 on Sundays for the State Journal

This one is slightly different though; this is a “progressive” newspaper in the heart of “progressivism” failing.

Could “fat” be part of the problem?

The Capital Times … lists nearly 60 reporters, editors, photographers and other newsroom employees, compared with about 100 for the State Journal which, unlike The Capital Times, puts out a large Sunday paper.

A voluntary buyout is expected to affect about 20 of the newsroom staff.

Frankly, with opinions like this, it’s easy to see why circulation has been falling (scroll down for enutpenfry’s funny re-write of the column).

Can it be long before we see the Wisconsin Capital Times Journal?

Playground Politics

James Wigderson 


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