What happened to Mitt Romney?

by thoughtfulconservative

Mitt Romney’s difficulties can be shown by these two pieces.

First Mark R. Levin on National Review Online goes through a litany of problems with John McCain and thinks we need to back Romney now to avoid a McCain nomination.

Then in The New York Observer, Steve Kornacki writes,

But for all of Romney’s griping, there is a certain justice in his campaign being sullied by such a disingenuous gambit. Romney, after all, has built his entire campaign on disingenuousness, wrapping himself in a language and ideology that he once told Massachusetts voters repulsed him.

So there you have it. He was the “only” conservative who could beat McCain, yet conservatives didn’t really trust him because of his flip-flops.


3 Comments to “What happened to Mitt Romney?”

  1. Yeah, that’s really been the overriding problem with virtually the entire Republican Presidential field – they’re all too “liberal” for the traditional Republican base. Huckabee’s been attacked for increasing the size of Arkansas’ state government while he was at the helm, and Romney…well, his own flip-flops on many key issues are well documented.

    The problem for Republicans is the only “real” conservative in the race with half a chance of winning really didn’t show much of a taste for running a full-fledged presidential campaign, so now Republicans are left to debate if they’ll actually sit on their hands and not vote in November.

  2. They problem here is not about who’s a “real” conservative and who’s capable of ‘winning’ the race, McCain and Romney meet neither of these criteria to begin with. Its not just the candidates its the majority of the party that have back-peddled on true conserative values: such as non-interventionism–don’t know if you all remember that its the Dems and Socialists that are usually trying to save the whole world, its the neoconservative movement that not only killed the party and any chance of a Republican win come November, but which also as obfuscated the whole conservative ideology. Since when does U.S. sponsored-nation-building, massive increases in spending for the Dept. of Education, 11 on-going military conflicts–if you want to categorize Iraq as a ‘conflict’ rather than the massive land and air-campaign that it is, and toting intangible arguments such as ‘family values’ as decisive party goals in line with what the conservatism is all about. This entire country, since even before the Roosevelt’s New Deal has been spiraling farther and farther down the pit of Socialism along with most of America people, including the Republican party and those who control it. It will take a landslide Democratic victory in November, followed by 4 to 8 of Obama expanding the entitlement system to the pork-barrel breaking point, and maybe worse…a real depression before the sheeple open their eyes to the ideological crisis thats been on this country’s back-burner the last 70-odd years.

  3. Oh and my the way..Ron Paul is a real Republican, with a consistent conservative record unlike any of the other hypocrites who are running now only to lose in the face of their continuous flip-flopping and voter-pandering. If it takes the lies that McCain and Romney have spun their entire public careers just to win elections, than why the hell would anyone vote for anyone aside from Paul. Don’t fall for the war-mongering of this administration and those pandering to the public on similar platforms, (cough cough..oh wait no secret their) Follow the 3 N’s of Conservativism. NO WAR, NO TAXES, NO BULL#%$@!

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