Does the blogosphere have any influence?

by thoughtfulconservative

Steveegg at No Runny Eggs takes a look at the the influence of conservative/libertarian blogosphere.

The question is properly answered with, “…with whom?” It is painfully obvious that, though we are by and large “Average Joes”, we have no influence with the larger populace of “Average Joes”. Because we are willing to put thoughts to electrons, we are by definition now different than the larger populace. It is an over-generalization, but we pay closer attention than the non-blogging Joe, and we put different weights on the various opinions and bits of news….

The prime example of our, and the libertarians’, lack of influence with the larger populace is the 2008 elections. Without a doubt, the two candidates that have received the most blogger support are Fred Thompson and Ron Paul. However, neither candidate received more than 14% of the vote in any primary or caucus, and Flip’s unweighted average vote share for both of them is 18.1% (Thompson 11.2%, Paul 6.9%).

Fairly accurate, I think, and some of my frustration with blogging is that my great ideas don’t get out to the general populace. 🙂

Of course, that isn’t why I blog, which is probably why I continue.I blog not only to vent, but to write, because I like politics.

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