Conference championships

by thoughtfulconservative

New England-San Diego probably went the way everyone except San Diego fans thought it would go, although San Diego made more of a game of it than it should have been.

In the NFC the Giants once again beat a better team on their home turf. Green Bay, in spite of playing on the storied Frozen Tundra, is not a cold weather team. And before you bring up Seattle, that wasn’t the biting cold of Chicago or yesterday’s game. They looked like Tampa Bay playing in the cold.

So in going with conventional wisdom, I wind up 1-1. Just can’t get that perfect record in the playoff picks. Always miss one.

So what about the Super Bowl. I know what I have to do in my two contests; Giants because most people will pick NE and if I’m right I’ll move up more than if I pick NE.

But which team do I really think will win?

The Giants? They’re on a tear. Beating the teams, even though they don’t look impressive.

New England? 18-0 is an even more impressive tear and they’ve beaten the Giants already (but see Green Bay for how much that helped).

Brady vs. Manning

NE receivers vs. beat-up Giants secondary

Belichek vs. Conglin

Giants running game vs. porous (?) NE run defense

This has the makings of another exciting Super Bowl. Or New England could blow the Giants out.


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