Now what?

by thoughtfulconservative

McCain edged Mike Huckabee to win the South Carolina primary. Mitt Romney handily won the Nevada caucus and Hillary Clinton won the Democratic side.

So, what do we make of this?

McCain, Huckabee and Romney go to Florida where Giuliani is waiting. Huckabee is getting to the place where he needs to win. Giuliani definitely needs to win, but I don’t think he will. And he will probably be gone soon after.

Huckabee won’t win either, although if Fred and Hunter both drop out, he’s probably seen as more conservative than McCain or Romney.

Hunter’s campaign indicates he’s dropping out. Fred can’t last much longer. He needed better than third. It will be interesting to see them spin this.  Romney can’t afford too many more head-to-head losses against McCain. One of those two will win Florida.

On the Democratic side, Edwards needs to win in SC, or else he’s done. Clinton and Obama may fight it out till the convention the way it’s going. Although a big win by either on Super-Duper Tuesday may end it.


4 Responses to “Now what?”

  1. Fred will drop out soon. Despite all his campaigning he still finished a distant third. The next 10 days will be interesting.

  2. Yes, they will indeed.


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