Bobby Fischer dead at 64

by thoughtfulconservative

From Yahoo! News,

“Chess,” Bobby Fischer once said, “is life.” It was the chess master’s tragedy that the messy, tawdry details of his life often overshadowed the sublime genius of his game. Fischer, who has died at the age of 64, was a child prodigy, a teenage grandmaster and — before age 30 — a world champion who triumphed in a Cold War showdown with Soviet champion Boris Spassky.

But the last three decades of his life were spent in seclusion, broken periodically by erratic and often anti-Semitic comments and by an absurd legal battle with his homeland, the United States.

Bobby Fischer was my inspiration to play chess, along with thousands of others, and a source of delight to Americans for breaking the stranglehold the Russians had on the chess title in the days when anything US-Russia was seen as an important clash between the superpowers. In defending his title, Fischer made what was to many irrational demands about lighting, compensation, etc., and was stripped of his title.

His erratic behavior in the years following was sad to see.


One Comment to “Bobby Fischer dead at 64”

  1. I too remember Bobby Fischer from his heyday as world champion. I followed his matches with Spassky and replayed each one, not that I could understand the reasons behind the moves. His victory then did cause a surge of pride in me of being an American. It is a shame what became of him.

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