As governor, this Republican raised taxes

by thoughtfulconservative

That’s right, Ronald Reagan.

A little context is in order. In his autobiography, An American Life, Reagan said he inherited a $200-million deficit from his predecessor, Pat Brown. Reagan ordered a hiring freeze and other spending cuts.

But Reagan was a Republican governor in a state where the legislature was controlled by the Democrats [ed.-sound familiar?], and he wasn’t able to muster support for additional cuts. So, he ended up reluctantly signing off on the tax increases.

Here’s more from a National Review article soon after Reagan’s passing in 2004.

Just because a governor raises taxes shouldn’t eliminate him from consideration.

Now how is Huckabee different from Reagan?

Chiefly, Reagan won a landslide victory which helped his bargaining power with Congress. I don’t think a President Huckabee would have such a victory.

Second, Reagan was much stronger in his statements than Huckabee has been. They both were populists, but Reagan resonated with conservatives in his populism. Huckabee is reaching out to those who, he thinks, feel they have been left behind, much like Edwards.

Third, Reagan was following Carter and double digit inflation and jobless rates (you think the economy sucks now?). Congress, even thought controlled by Democrats, was much more open to Reagan’s tax cuts, while the Congress Huckabee will face would be much less amenable to his Fair Tax.


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