Ted Kennedy’s memoirs

by thoughtfulconservative

Via THEWEEKDaily.com

Word has it that a huge $8 million advance has been paid to Edward Kennedy for his memoirs. One point of conjecture is how much the Senator will say about Chappaquiddick.

The publisher stands little chance of recouping such a whopping advance unless Kennedy “finally tells what really happened” that night, said Richard Johnson in the New York Post’s Page Six. Jonathan Karp, president of Hachette’s Twelve imprint, said the 75-year-old senator has promised to be “candid,” but conservative pundits are betting that won’t apply to the crash, which Kennedy didn’t report for hours.

One could argue that whatever Kennedy says about the incident, it won’t matter to conservative pundits. One could ask why it still matters. I’m not sure about the statute of limitations on this, but the Kopechne family has been quiet also. Paid for by the Kennedy fortune, I’m sure. At least that’s what folks would probably say.

Look, the guy’s liberal. That’s reason enough for me to oppose most of his agenda. I don’t need a car accident almost 40 years ago. Let it go.


One Comment to “Ted Kennedy’s memoirs”

  1. I agree. The accident cost him what he wanted most; a shot at the presidency. Justice will never be done in this case, in any regard. He is now relegated to a cranky old political dinosaur whose legacy will not be overly impressive. The dynasty is done; now, if we can put an end of any potential Clinton dynasty, we’ll be in good shape.

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