Universal health care

by thoughtfulconservative

It’s the big topic of debate in the state recently. Of course, we’re not really talking about universal health care, we’re talking about how to pay for the excellent health care we get, or how to pay for health care we think we need and can’t afford.

Wisconsin’s Senate Democrats have proposed what some have called a radical overhaul of the system that will guarantee coverage for everyone.

Nick has already posted about the efficiency factor. Examples could be multiplied of government inefficiency.

Cost is another problem. Democrats say that the tax will be offset by employers and employees not having to pay insurance costs. This may be true–at first. A piece in the Opinion Journal tells us the eventual end of a universal plan (H/T Tom Faranda)

So where will savings come from? Where they always do in any government plan: Rationing via price controls and, as costs rise, waiting periods and coverage restrictions. This is Michael Moore’s medical dream state.

Social Security started at 2% and look where it’s grown to now. There’s still not enough. Some of this is due to inflation, some to added perks. UPDATE: Monday’s Journal Sentinel gives us another example of government efficiency.

Are we going to look at costs? A friend had operations on his eyes (lens replacement). The cost? $16,000. What was that paying for? After the operation he was in a room for about half an hour. The room had about 10 beds and assorted monitors. Nothing special that I could see. The cost for the half hour? $4100.

Wisconsin ranks 4th in health care costs. Why is that? Sure health care professionals have expenses, but is that the only thing feeding costs?

A government run system is not what we need.

One Comment to “Universal health care”

  1. This bill is a disaster waiting to happen!! People are so ignorant… there won’t be any public option. It’s 2 thousand page bill has anyone read it??

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