by thoughtfulconservative

By Nick, to name eight random facts about myself. I like his numbering system, so I’ll use that.

Random Item 0: No one in my immediate family (my wife, my four kids and I) was born in the same state or province.

Random Item 1: I speak two languages other than English, neither of which is particularly useful here in the US.

Random Item 2: The province in Random Item 0 was not in Canada.

Random Item 3: I could still probably use a slide rule, if I could find mine!

Random Item 4: I spent the night in the Sydney, Australia airport.

Random Item 5: In the early 70’s I played chess in three sanctioned tournaments, which isn’t as impressive as it sounds.

Random Item 6: My first computer had two 64kB banks of memory, with 2 – 5 1/4 inch, 128kB  floppy drives, and an IBM DaisyWheel printer. CP/M was the operating system. Cost $3,000. This one was my second one.

Random Item 7: Like Nick, I always carry a pocket knife with me. I’ve also never broken a bone.

Whom shall I tag? If they are so inclined, Aaron, that Spring City guy, elliot, grumps, Ken and Kate.

6 Responses to “Tagged!”

  1. OK Dean, here are my eight.


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